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The tango argentino dancing genre consists of three dances: from tango argentino itself, from criollo vals and from milonga. Milonga is a vital and happy tango. Maybe this is the reason why the place where tangueros meet to dance is called - milonga. Romatic and informal atmosphere opens a good oportunity to dance whole the evening.

Dancing partners on a milonga are changing and the couple remain together for a whole round. One round consists of four songs, which are usually selected from one genre. A short break between the rounds is called cortina. During the cortina there is enough time to change partners, so for the new round new couples are formed. The final song for whole milonga is called La Cumparsita. This well known master piece is a sign that it is time to say goodbye.

So, let's meet at a milonga:

- Attention! There will be no milonga on 10th October 2019!
- MILONGA in Budatin castle in Zilina is taking place every Thurstday starting from 2nd May 2019
- Place: Budatin Castle
- Time: from 18:00 till 20:00
- Symbolic Entrance (1 Euro)
- Organizers: Tango Lovers Club and Povazske Muzeum

9th October 2019
Tango Beginners Every Wednesday from 19:15 to 20:15, there will be a regular tango course. The course best fits tango beginners dancers.
9th October 2019
Tango Intermediates This course is cancelled.
10th October 2019
This milonga is cancelled: Please, feel free to come to very next milonga.
Milonga in Budatin Castle in Zilina Every Thurstday, starting with 2nd May 2019 from 18:00 till 20:00 there will be a regular milonga.
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