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Tango phenomenon
Tango is a universe in itself. Tango is music, dance, singing and poetry. The early beginnings of tango are dated back to 19th century, somewhere around the 1870's. The birth place of tango is considered to be suburbs of Buenos Aires, populated mainly with imigrants that came to try their luck. First tangueros were men dancing together. At first, tango was prohibited in many public places, due to its "voluptuous" nature and its working-class origins. A long time passed before it was accepted in "proper" people's homes and in high society.

At the beginning of the 20th century, during the era known as "La Belle Epoque", Paris was the center of the world, and Argentine aristocracy looked to Paris as a model for itself. Once tango was accepted in France, the high and middle classes in Argentina accepted it; in fact, they took great pride in this uniquely Argentine art form. From France, tango spread through Europe and the rest of the world. More orchestras were formed, and the tango developed, eventually to reach its splendor in the 1940's.

This decade, known as the "Golden Age" of tango, was the most impressive, and families from all levels of Argentine society started to dance, packing the dance halls and making it possible for even the largest orchestras to survive and prosper. Tango finally reached its maturity, was widely accepted and entered into posterity.

The fall of the military junta in Argentina in 1983 began a spectacular tango renaissance in Buenos Aires. Soonly afterwards tango reached Europe again and became very popular. Slower, melancholic music disposes to evening romantic dancing and opens the chance to mix up all age groups at one place. Milongas are common events in nearly all prominent cities where people from all over the world meet to share their love to tango.

For all tango lovers there is also slovak popular website: www.tangoargentino.sk. Thanks for your support!
16th February 2020
Tango Course Beginner dancers!
Together with UNIDC, we are organizing every Every Wednesday Tango Course for beginners, in Nova Menza in Zilina, from 18:00 till 19:00.
Attention: during the Lent time there will be NO milongas: We will see each other at Thurstday, 16th April 2020, at Easter milonga at castle.
Milonga at castle During the Emergency Pariod there will be no milongas at Budatin Castle
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